NEWMAN W. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. WILLSON, MARY JAMES BARNETT In 1834 the Company "failing to realize 8 per cent. 1746. FRANCIS FORD Such is the tradition, as narrated to me by the "elders.". Arlington is the only place in Virginia that can compare with it in the beauty of its immediate surroundings. On an official pay roll, lent the Secretary of Virginia Military Records by R. Henry Chilton, Ottoman Post Office, Virginia, from February 18, to April, 1862, nearly all the foregoing names are to be found and these additional: BROOKMAN, P. Yet as early as 1859 the directorate turned over the roadbed to the County, "on condition that it shall be kept open as a public highway." It was part of the celebration of Christmas week to have these "parties," though by no means confined to that week. He was seven times wounded during the war. He was a man of remarkable ability. HERNDON. ROUSE, FRANCIS ROBERT KENDALL For some years prior to the war, Col. James Magruder owned and resided at "Frascati," near Somerset. In the presidential election of 1860 the vote in Orange was as follows: for Bell and Everett, the pronounced Union ticket, 427; for Breckenridge and Lane, the States Rights ticket, 475 ; for Douglas and Johnson, also a pronounced Union ticket, 12; for Lincoln and Hamlin. JONES, J. H. It was a day of the administration of the sacrament; and his subject, of course, was the passion of our Savior. A hurdle was a sort of sledge used for hauling traitors to execution. William Kelly, Henry Downs, John Bransford, David Phillips, John Howard, George Anderson, Mark Finks, William Carpenter and George Woods. 1740. Present, Garrett Scott, Presiding Justice, Ferdinand Jones, William H. Faulconer, Edward Beazley, and James Coleman. DOOLING, THOMAS SHADRACH HILL 1747. BEAN LANNAM, not joined. [NOTE. The Germans pretend that it is a silver mine; we took some of the ore and endeavoured to run it, but could get nothing out of it, and I am of opinion it will not come to anything, no, not as much as lead. There were simple music, ample refreshments, pretty but inexpensive apparel, and happy people, young and old. PEYTON (Robert Green had become sheriff.) John Grubbs became a lieutenant. JOHNSON, JAS. I was obliged to rise early here that I might not starve my landlord, whose constitution requires him to swallow a beef-steak before the sun blesses the earth with its genial rays. The Town of Orange became Orange County's judicial seat in 1749 when Culpeper County was cut off making the previous courthouse location at Raccoon Ford very far from the center of the County. Which sentence was speedily executed in the presence of the Independent Company and other respectable inhabitants of the said County, all of whom joined in expressing a noble indignation against such execrable publications, and their ardent wishes for an opportunity of inflicting on the authors, publishers, and the abbettors, the punishment due to their insufferable arrogance and atrocious crimes. LIEUT. Mr. Lightfoot agreed that this was nearest the centre, but insisted on the north side of the Rapidan. WM. Greene yet, a part of Orange. ROBERT CHANDLER WHITE, JOHN He published, in the Southern Planter and Farmer, November, 1879, the record from 1851 to 1878, both inclusive, a period of twenty-eight years. It was built prior to the Revolution by Charles Bruce, a captain in that war, and was later the residence of his Son-in-law, James W illiams, captain in the Revolution and majorgeneral in the war of 1812; and then of Dr. George Morton, who married General Williams's daughter. About one in the morning, I was taken with a violent fever, which abated about six at night, and I began to take the bark, and had one ounce divided into eight doses, and took two of them by ten of the clock that night. COLLINS, ANN Saint Thomas, at the Courthouse, was frequently attended during the war by Generals Lee, Stuart, and other Confederate officers of distinction; and New Zion, at Toddsberth, was occupied as a shoe shop in the winter of 1863-4. JOHN BOURN. Newman was left for dead on the field. LEWIS WILLIS Mr. William Robertson's house, on Black Walnut Run, was designated as the place where court should be held, by the Governor's order, till the Court could agree upon a place, and have the Governor's approbation, and there the first term was held on the gist of January, 1734, (Old Style. Its identity has been so merged in the grander house that it can not now be differentiated from it. ZACHA. THOMAS PHILLIPS, invalid There is no reason to doubt, and every reason to believe, that this crossing of the Blue Ridge was made in 1716, and was almost certainly the first that had ever been made by any body of white men. 328. Regret is vain, and can not restore what is lost; my effort has been to save what is left, and to perpetuate it for posterity. There has, however, never been a negro supervisor in the County, nor any negro elected to office, and rarely has there been a negro jury; once, when such a jury had been impaneled to try a member of their own race for murder, the prisoner plead earnestly for a jury of white men, which was denied him. LEWIS B. WILLIAMS, JR., Capt. MILLER Died August 26, 1744. Burlington, proper, is a handsome home built by James Barbour Newman, about a mile east of Barboursville. JAMES STEVENSON In former years much lime was burned, both for domestic and agricultural uses, but it was found to be of little value in agriculture. HAYNE The War of 1812, for instance, and the Mexican War, have not even been mentioned, for the reason that the County records disclose nothing of interest about either. In later times, mighty armies crossed and recrossed the Rapidan at Germanna, and the thunders of Chancellorsville and the Wilderness shook its ruins to their foundations. There have been three county judges: William G. Williams, who resigned; William P. Tahaferro; and James W. Morton. In Colonel Byrd's famous "Westover Manuscripts" are published the depositions of Francis Thornton and John Taliaferro. Captain Scott resigned, and later joined Crenshaw's Battery, and became quartermaster of the artillery batallion, with the rank of major. In 1720, the seat of government being at Williamsburg, the following Act "for erecting the counties of Spotsylvania and Brunswick" was passed by the "General Assembly, " for so the law-making power was called even at that early date: "Preamble, That the frontiers towards the high mountains are exposed to danger from the Indians, and the late settlements of the French to the westward of the said mountains. SCHOOLER, GARRETT F. ROBT. 1735. October was then really the eighth month and January was the eleventh month of the calendar year. READS, JOSEPH The well-to-do got their clothes and wines and some furnishings from England, the poorer people wore homespun. The knightliest of the knightly race, 1749. As they had already flocked in numbers to Gordonsville and Orange, the two principal villages in the County, it was deemed essential that these precincts should be in the same township, so that the white people might maintain political ascendancy in the other three; which is the explanation of the rather remarkable boundaries of the townships. LATHAM, JOHN REUBEN DANIEL The Rev. JAMESON, captain 1761 The second son, James Watson, lately graduated from the University, joined the Albemarle Light Horse, Second Virginia Cavalry, was chosen first lieutenant, and was killed in battle near Richmond during Sheridan's raid. WOOLFREY, JEREMIAH At a monthly court held for the County of Orange at the Courthouse on Monday, the 25th day of January, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine. Lists Date of Importation and Family Names: 22 Feb. 1739. The first mention of a local newspaper is in an order dated in 1830 directing an order of publication in "The Reporter" published at the Courthouse. Name after name of places and people once locally historic has passed into oblivion and beyond the reach of the investigator. He furnished supplies to Halifax and Pittsylvania militia returning from Noland's Ferry where they had escorted prisoners taken at York; Indian meal to Convention troops marching from the barracks to Winchester in 1781 ; was paid $35 "for a gun, one of the best, imported," impressed for the Orange militia, and for "a well fixed wagon, the naves (hubs) of the wheels boxed with iron," impressed at Richmond by Stephen Southall, assistant quartermaster general. My servant was so sick, that I was obliged to leave him, and the Governor's servants took care of my horses. IRWIN, ANTHONY SMITH In a log schoolhouse, on the plantation now owned by Mr. Thomas Atkinson, I went to school with all the Magruder boys but the eldest, and I was in the same company with the Burrus boys, whose tragic history is narrated in the chapter on the war period. Established in 1734, Orange County is named in honor of William, Prince of Orange, who in that year married Anne, Princess Royal of England. ". About four miles from Orange Courthouse. His delicate sensibilities were disturbed by noises from contiguous rooms, and he daubed his own with mud mortar to exclude the sound as much as possible. With loveliness and worth. MASTIN, WM. A Court for the County was directed to be constantly held by the justices thereof on the third Tuesday in every month. IV., 507, indicates the portion of the road opened by La Fayette. Mr. Maury died in charge of the celebrated grammar school at Norfolk in 1786. LAMBOTTE, EDWARD We made our beds with bushes as before. To remove every doubt of what is meant by the terms tract of land whereon I live I here declare it to comprehend all land owned by me and not herein otherwise devised away. WILLIAM HARVEY Wise, its leading antagonist, was elected governor. WOOD, BELLFIELD W. In the afternoon the ladies walked me about amongst all their little animals, with which they amuse themselves and furnish the table; the worst of it is they are so tender-hearted, they shed a silent tear every time any of them are killed. When this necessary affair was despatched, Colonel Willis walked me about his town of Fredericksburg. It consisted of 26 half-acre lots and three streets within 1300 acres, which he claimed as wilderness land owned by Virginia. I saw there the largest timber, the finest and deepest mould, and the best grass that I ever did see. Later he agreed that he would let his land for a ferry there for 630 pounds of tobacco, with sufficient land for two hands to work, but debarred the keeping of tippling houses and hogs running at large, and public notice was ordered of the letting of the ferry and plantation at a subsequent term, and that advertisements be set up at the churches. In 1850 a ten-mile section of the Rockingham Turnpike was opened to travel, and since its completion no macadamized or other improved public highway has been built in the County, except the short reaches at the County seat. WARREN JAMES GILL Total $10, 804.22. The next son, George, and the youngest, David, were members of the Gordonsville Greys. Note the date of his commission. BENJAMIN DAWSON MONTPELIER. PROCTOR, OSWALD C. REYNOLDS, J. W. DUFF, ARTHUR JONATHAN DAVIS PARROTT, JOHN The Orange Horseman's Association, Mr. Thomas Atkinson, president, has become an institution that annually draws a great throng to its exhibition. ZACHARIAH TAYLOR H. CRAWLEY, ADAM G. This water does wonders for those that are afflicted with a dropsy. We made about four miles, and so came to the side of James River, where a man may jump over it, and there we pitched our tents. 1802. Lieutenants: MASON, JOHN George Wythe, presumed to be the "Signer," and afterwards the famous "Chancellor," appeared as counsel for John Willis in 1747. In 18112, with fifty men, two-thirds of them ill with fever, he defended Fort Harrison, on the Wabash, against a large force of Indians, led by the famous Tecumseh. TALIAFERRO, JOHN In 1794, Caleb, a slave, found guilty of hog stealing; "Ordered that the sheriff take him to the pillory and nail one ear thereto, and in one hour thereafter to cut it loose from the nail, then to nail the other ear and in another hour's time to cut that loose from the nail, this being the second offense. The Orange and Alexandria, now the Southern, having its terminus first at Gordonsville was completed about 1855. JOHN HIBS In this appendix, names are sometimes duplicated, no doubt, yet it is impossible now to tell whether persons of the same name were always the same person. 1755. The same storm struck "Tetley", near the mouth of Blue Run, and left not a fragment of a barn nearly completed, but swept every piece of timber across the river into Madison. 1746. WILLIAM WARD Wm. This is the official YouTube Channel of Orange County, Virginia, used to publish Board of Supervisors meetings for the public. Lieutenant: Bell, Gent., October, 1782. BROCKMAN, L. T. sergeant * HENRY BARNETT William Vawter, sergeant, John Fumes, (Furnace), Hogg's rangers. In-Law Names Include Mott, Robinett, and Whelchel. He held many positions of dignity and trust in the colony and, it is said, was the friend of Addison, and an occasional contributor to the " Spectator. " Ordered, that workmen be engaged to build an addition to the courthouse for the justices' room, sixteen feet by twelve. THOMAS BREEDLOVE, AMOS, GEO. On Monday, the 27th instant, they again met at the same place, according to adjournment, and after a sufficient inquiry into the contents of five pamphlets under the following titles, viz: 1st, "The Congress Canvassed, etc.," by A. W. Farmer; 2nd, "A View of the Controversey between Great Britain and her Colonies," by the same; 3d, "Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, etc.," by A. FULLER, GEO. SNOWDEN YATES. RULING, JOHN The soldiers came back home, if home had been left them, and, settling down to peaceful pursuits, began their struggle with poverty. THOMAS, FOUNTAIN REUBEN HAWKINS This appears to have been the last appointment made during the period of the Revolutionary War. Then we proceeded to the river which is the south branch of Rappahannock, about fifty yards wide, and so rapid that the ferry boat is drawn over by a chain, and therefore called the Rapidan. Near Barboursville; was the home of Captain William Campbell, of the Revolution and subsequently a major in the United States army. Thomas Lee, president of His Majesty's Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, dated the 4th inst., adjourning the Court from the courthouse to the house of Timothy Crosthwait was read, and adjournment was immediately had to the said house "till to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock," and on the 24th day of November, 1749, Court began its sessions at our present County seat. ORANGE COUNTY, VA 1810 SUBSTITUTE CENSUS [Abstracts from the 1810 Personal Property Tax List] by John Vogt, 2011, 5 1/2"x8 1/2" format, viii, 21 pages, map. SMITH, ELIZABETH Robert Thomas's gun was impressed for the Orange militia guarding the Convention prisoners in 1778. S. DR. THOMAS C. REVELY, Surgeon The successive captains in this company were G. A. Goodman, P. P. Barbour, and Benj. 1740. 1739. KERCHLER, MATHIAS WOOD, THOMAS. MANNEN, ANDREW Augusta County was created from Orange County in 1738. W WILLIAMS, JOSEPH. The area was settled by plantation owners and tobacco farmers in the late 17 th century. WM. NEWMAN, JOHN HERBERT In the heyday of the "Sons of Temperance," 1850-56, the historic old building was taken down and the lumber used to build a temperance hall at Gordonsville, which after the war was used for some years as a schoolhouse. At the rating of prices for ordinaries in 1742, "whiskey" is mentioned for the first time, though something denominated "rye brandy," which was probably the same thing, had been rated some years earlier. I, James Madison, do annex this codicil to my last will as above and to be taken as part thereof. JACOB BURRUS At the time of European encounter, the Ontponea, a sub-group of the Siouan-speaking Manahoac tribe, lived in this Piedmont area. When the war ended these bonds and the bank stock were worthless, and the trustees appear to have lost interest in the Society. JAMES BURTON NIGHTING, RUFUS In the State library is an old volume entitled "Acts of Assembly passed in the Colony of Virginia from 1662 to 1725, " printed at London in 1727. JAMES WEBB BEALE, C. W. WILLIAMS, JOHN G. LEWIS RIDLEY N. ; a great many supplies having been furnished when the " Convention Troops, " as the prisoners taken at Saratoga were called, subsequently confined in barracks near Charlottesville, were marched through the County. Orange is one of eighteen Virginia counties for which the 1810 census is lost. JERE. There is incontestible evidence that the Orange militia were several times in actual service in the field, a fact that no history of the Revolution discloses, certainly not so as to identify them. Mr. Crenshaw has furnished his countymen with an object lesson in road building by constructing a model macadamized road from Mayhurst to the county road. W. * I remember this old Commonwealth in her tranquil happiness, before the war; in her majesty during the war; in her defeat and humiliation afterward. WILLIAMS, W M. G. SIMMS, F. The curious reader is referred to the order book for 1782, April Special Terms, for further information. MALLORY, ROBE. EDWARD ATKINS (in Service). GARLAND BURNLEY, captain, vice Zachy Herndon. DAVIS, CHAS. In 1870 the new constitution of the State, framed in 1867-68 by what is known in history as the "Black and Tan" or "Underwood" convention, became effective; and the State was "readmitted into the Union," which she had been chiefly instrumental in forming and establishing. CHANEY, JOSEPH OGG, JOHN and wife When the Civil War broke out, though not yet thirty-seven years of age, he was the senior member of Crenshaw & Co., whose business extended over a large part of the world, much of their foreign trade being done in vessels built and owned by himself and his brothers. TAYLOR Thus it was the civil authorities, mostly composed of State Churchmen, however, not the church authorities, which enforced the law; and if this fact had always been borne in mind it is likely that much polemical asperity and recrimination might have been avoided. SHEAMAN 1735. Hebron church, near the Robertson River, remains a monument of their devotion and Christian character. The boundaries of these counties were not defined towards the frontiers, and it is assumed that, like Spotsylvania, they extended as far "as might be convenient.". Mr. Mason left us here. BAKER, BEND. He is the highest authority on the geology of Virginia, but as the improved methods of operating the mines have not yet been tried his forecast remains only a forecast. UHLD, CHRISTOPHER Unfortunately all of Raleigh's attempts to found a colony on these shores failed, and the unknown fate of the one at Roanoke Island, North Carolina, remains a pathetic mystery. This about forces the conclusion that the "northern passage " means Swift Run Gap, through which this same 'pike crosses the Blue Ridge. They were Zachary Herndon, Paul Verdier, Thomas Bell, James Madison, John Burnley, Willis White, Edmund Terrell, William Hamilton, John Pollock, William Terrell, Reuben Hamilton, George Hughes, Charles Bell, Thomas Barbour, Jr., William Madison, Jr., Thomas Davison, and Abner Newman. Author of two volumes of poems which have now become quite rare; was educated at the University of Virginia shortly before the war, and died not long afterwards. It is included because subsequent formations relate back to it and seem to constitute it a link in the line. DUNGAN, MARGARET JOHN BELL, captain New River Notes was originally launched in 1998 by Jeffrey C. Weaver providing New River Valley researchers with a new wealth of information and that tradition is continued today by the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation, Inc. LANCASTER, J. E. BELLEFIFLD CAVE BRAMHAM, FRANCIS These mines are two miles from the furnace, and Mr. Washington raises the ore, and carts it thither for 20 shillings the ton of iron that it yields. It is pleasantly situated on the south shore of Rappahannock River, about a mile below the falls. HERNDON, R. S. Sergeants JOHN SNOW HALL, HENRY Here is a tower where all the charms of an extended and beautiful landscape may be seen. The real owners of the land attended court regularly, to acknowledge their many deeds of bargain and sale, and then returned to their homes in Tidewater. Rich in history, it has the distinction of having been the largest Virginia county ever formed. ELISHA ESTES LEWIS In January, 1832, a petition numerously signed was presented to the Legislature asking for authority to organize a lottery to raise $5,000, "to pave roads in Courthouse Village. " A few small streams northwest of Barboursville fall into the Rivanna, and thence into the James. THOS. Corporals: Welcome and we hope you enjoy our new look. We found some trees which had been formerly marked, I suppose, by the northern Indians, and following these trees, we found a good, safe descent. Captains: The present jail was built, nearly on the site of the first Baptist church in the town, in 1891. It is said that the courthouse and the church are going to be built here, and then both religion and justice will help to enlarge the place. As the people were lighting the fire, there came out of a large log of wood a prodigious snake, which they killed; so this camp was called Rattlesnake Camp, but it was otherwise called Brooke's Camp. RICHARD GRAVES, captain, vice Chas. JEREMIAH COX REUBEN NEWMAN, SR. LIEUT, WM. The following names are collected from the Orange "Petitions," on file in the State Library. WATTS, S. C. This company was first commanded by Capt. MAYHURST. CANNON, ROBERT A debate was had as to the most convenient place to build a courthouse. SHEPHERD JAMES How long and on what occasions they served can not now be ascertained, but these selected entries prove the fact: William Hawkins furnishes supplies to Prettyman Merry, lieutenant Orange militia for I8-months men marching from Orange to Fredericksburg; allowances to William Webb, for beef for Orange militia on march to camp; to James Coleman, for supplies impressed by William Thomas, commanding officer of guard at Brock's Bridge; to William Morton, for wagon impressed for Orange militia from August 17 to October 31, 1781, and for ? 1735. ; also in 3d Va.; served 3 years; battle of Monmouth, and siege of Charleston, where he was made prisoner. THOMAS BALLARD Gen. A. P. Hill's headquarters were in the yard in the winter of 1 863-6q., and one of his daughters was christened in the house. It is s -very y deep ; the main course of the water is north; it is four score yards wide in the narrowest part. This undoubtedly constitutes the chief spectacular occasion of the year, and also stimulates the breeding of fine horses. It was 28 inches in 1856, and only in these years and 1851 did it fall below 30 inches; only twice in the whole period did it exceed 50 inches, and in one of these by but an eighth of an inch. The charter of 1606 to the "Virginia Company of London" granted the right to found a colony one hundred miles square anywhere between the thirty-fourth and forty-first degrees of north latitude; that is, between the mouths of Cape Fear river in North Carolina and Hudson river in New York; and to the "Virginia Company of Plymouth " a similar right between the thirty-eighth and forty-fifth degrees; that is, between the Potomac river and Nova Scotia. The affidavit of G. Stallings was filed in verification of this petition. JAMES BURTON In 1745, Augusta elected a sheriff, a vestry, a county court, a minister, and a clerk of court. We called this camp Colonel Robertson's Camp. TINSLEY, J. W. The charter was repealed some years later, the petitioners for the repeal asserting that it had remained a dead letter. That they are, besides, a considerable advantage to Great Britain, because it lessens the quantity of bar iron imported from Spain, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Muscovy, which used to be no less than 20,000 tons yearly, though at the same time no sow iron is imported thither from any country, but only from the plantations. At five in the afternoon, the Governor gave orders to encamp near a small river, three miles from Germanna, which we called Expedition Run, and here we lay all night. Lewis B. Williams, Jr., was promptly ordered to repair to Charlestown, where they remained till Brown and such of his accomplices as had been caught were hanged. MCCLAINE, ROBE. NICHOLLS, WM. KEMPER, JAMES LAWSON. Next year three men were presented by the grand jury for Sabbath breaking and riotously entering the German chapel and disturbing the congregation assembled for the worship of God, and putting the people in fear of life and limb. YOUNG, ROBT. CATHEY, JAMES A Baptist preacher, born in Massachusetts in 1754. The locality was then in Stafford, later Prince William. COLLINS, WM. Located inside the museum is a gift shop full of unique treasures. The present owner, William du Pont, Esq., has added another story to the wings, but the addition was so artistically made that it is impossible to tell where the old work ended and the new began. R. BLEDSOE JAS. PRICE, EDWARD 1741. ), FRANCIS TAYLOR, captain, 40 Dollars. This famous town consists of Colonel Spotswood's enchanted castle on one side of the street, and a baker's dozen of ruinous tenements on the other, where so many German families had dwelt some years ago; but are now removed ten miles higher in the fork of Rappahannock, to land of their own. MORTON, C. B. JERE CHANDLER WALKER, JOHN Who, since the days of old, In the mass were two small deposits of calcined human bones, and beneath it were graves or burial pits. FRANCIS TAYLOR, Clerk. RICHD. After breakfast the Colonel and I left the ladies to their domestic affairs, and took a turn in the garden, which has nothing beautiful but three terrace walks that fall in slopes one below another. NEWMAN, JOHN WM. EVAN BRAMHAM I saw Gen. Robert E. Lee, when he passed through Orange, April 22, 1861, and I ran off the next day and joined the Montpelier Guard, then at Harpers Ferry. That he hoped he had done the country very great service by setting so good an example. The presentment was dismissed. BALLARD, WINFIELD 1740. September: Crosthwait agreed to make a deed for the two acres whereon the courthouse and prison are now built, for five shillings. MADISON'S TOMB. 1740. HOWARD, GEO. 1747. 1749. Sloops may come up and lie close to the wharf, within 30 yards of the public ware-houses, which are built in the figure of a cross. BARBOUR, JAMES. WHITE, JAMES H. At twelve we came to the church; where we met with Mr. Buckner, and remained till two, to settle some county business; then we mounted our horses, and saw several wild turkeys on the road; and at seven we reached Mr. Beverley's house, which is upon the head of Mattapony River, where we were well entertained. CRAVAN The area was previously inhabited by the Siouan Manahoac tribe, the first white settlement in what was to become Orange County was Germanna. 1758The Court purchased thirty-seven muskets, for the use of the militia unable to provide themselves with guns, for £ 31.