Ammonia is an ingredient often used in beard dyes to open the hair cuticle, which allows the dye’s color to penetrate the hair follicle. 4. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. I have not used it for two years now because it is very poor at coping with resistant hair and if left on for more than 4-5 mins it goes black/brown after about 20 mins with a flat unnatural texture. Godefroy Colour Tint is perfect for both spot coverage for when you want to get rid of a few grey hairs here and there. Thanks in advance. 5. 4. Even the most resistant grey hairs don’t stand a chance against Godefroy Professional Tint Kit for beards. Your email address will not be published. If you dye your beard with this product, you can also touch up your sideburns, brows, and roots at the same time. Furthermore, how to apply it and how long you should leave it on is stated. None of Henna Guys powders are older than 12 to 18 months, which makes them very potent with strong stains. Effectively covers resistant gray. While not wholly organic like the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic the Godefroy Color Tint Kit shares the feature of not being hard on your skin … JFM should take this off the shelves. Required fields are marked *, Just For Men Beard Coloring for Gray Hair, Before you buy: 4 Things to consider when purchasing beard dye, How to make your beard to dye for (A simple, illustrated guide). Covers The Most Resistant Gray Brow Hair. No odor and no ammonia. Blackbeard for Men Formula X also dries quickly and is water resistant – a nice feature to have when you’re out in the rain. Also, they can irritate people with sensitive skin. Godefroy THICK is a nighttime treatment that combines Jamaican castor oil and plant extracts to provide intense nourishment to men’s facial hair. Shop Godefroy Tint Kit Dark Brown Eyebrow and Beard Dye for Professionals at Amazon UK’s Beauty Shop. Most dye kits come with a long-handled applicator that enables you to layer the dye on your beard evenly. Key is how i trim once a week, and ok with quick wash ups like JFM shampoo/conditioner gives me. When you consider that one Godefroy Color Tint Kit comes with 20 applications, it’s a bargain at any price – if not a superb long-term investment. It’s a versatile brown that’s good for most natural brunette hair colors. I have never had a problem with using Just For Men. Until recently, my face under my beard got very red and itches for days so badly I could not stop scratching it. These colors are suitable for the classic workplace. Then, you can mix up the dye with water and apply it to your beard. It is quite easy to apply this beard dye but it is time-consuming when compared to the process of applying Blackbeard for men. It may take from 20 to 40 minutes for the dye to “set,” so be patient. Availability: In stock. Blackbeard for Men Formula X is a one-of-a-kind (it has a patent) beard coloring product that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. This is why we’ve made your lives easier by doing the hard work and selecting five of the best beard dye for black men. In the worst-case scenario, the dye could cause skin irritation or even damage the skin beneath the beard. This cream dye is available in shades of brown and black. I decided to try the Henna Guys Dark Brown based on this site recommendations. It’s permanent, but it doesn’t smudge or create an unnatural look. Have you tried any of those we list here? Maintaining the integrity of your hair will allow you to color your beard again if you want to. Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium, Brown. godefroy tint kit 20 application - light brown. If your beard comes out too dark, you may want to shampoo it while the dye is still fresh. This small color kit is perfect for touching up color jobs and dyeing small patches of facial hair. 5. Permanent beard dyes are handy in that they don’t require as much re-application, so there is the convenience factor. This is especially helpful if you ordered and applied the wrong beard color. This product is best suited for people with short beards and a small amount of facial hair. The color variations are, in most cases, subtle, but the different shades work in concert to create an overall “color.” That makes it tricky to choose the right beard dye color, because you can easily pick one that makes your beard look too dark. Trust your instincts while being wary of buying a dye that’s too dark. Colour covers even the most resistant grey hair for up to 6 weeks. Shop for godefroy eyebrow tint kit online at Target. In this scenario, you can use permanent dyes that lift or deposit color. 2. I consent to receive emails from Balding Beards and DS Labs. This is because the dye starts to fade at that time. I have used it for three days now and it is trending toward a bluish black. Almost gone. On the other hand, those types of dyes are often of better quality and last longer. What’s your take on all this? So, consider the following factors when buying a beard dye, and you’ll not only rock a nice-looking beard, but you can keep it where it belongs: on your face, not in your bathroom sink. Too unreliable and soon fades and washes out. We will also provide you with an unbiased view of the advantages and disadvantages of the beard dyes on this list. Therapy. Godefroy Tint Kit Professional for Male Facial Hair is formulated to cover the most resistant grey hair whilst delivering long lasting, natural colour.. Rather, after washing out this dye, you will notice that hairs that were grey or lighter before will look like highlights. An example of this is someone who is into the goth subculture. Price Price. The Ultimate Guide on How to Shave Your Back, Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin Reviews, Best Electric Shaver For Black Men – Ultimate Guide, Best Electric Shaver for Head – Top 6 Pick and Reviews, Best Bump Free Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin, Electric Wet Shaving: 10 Tips to Get better Results, Dry Electric Shaving: 9 Tips to Enhance Your Experience, What is Traditional Wet Shaving? Godefroy Professional Facial Hair Tint Kit is ideal for temporary colouring of small areas of the scalp and facial hair. RefectoCil is a versatile dye that works well on eyelashes and eyebrows but also on beard hair. 96 (CDN$ 0.57/grams) CDN$ 57.84 CDN$57.84 So, you can see how confusing things can get. They may have a high lift colour to lift you a couple shades lighter. Your email address will not be published. Here, we will highlight why some men dye their beard and we will explain everything you should know before coloring your beard. Ah, the armies of aging. Low maintenance and effective – perfect! Beards are no longer for the heterosexual Male. They even triple sift their powders after production to ensure the finest, smoothest texture. United States. This dye does not have any ammonia in it and this makes the product less harsh on the hair and on the skin. Apart from black and shades of brown, there are no blonde or red shades for people that need these colors of dye. Great for use on beards, mustaches, sideburns, temples....anywhere you need a little color. Hey, you can even use it on your sideburns or shorter beards, such as a goatee. The health of your hair: It is important to consider the health of your hair before applying dyes to your beard. It’s a one-of-a-kind dye that works wonders. This dye is easy to apply. Learn more. ... GODEFROY Barbers Choice Beard & Mustache Color Application Kit - Dark Brown. The maintenance step is essential to prevent breakage. Now, you know why men dye their beards and the important things that people with sensitive skin should know before coloring their beards. Top 4 Beard Dyes for Men With Sensitive Skin. 4. Because some dyes may irritate your skin, it’s important to do a sensitivity check before you dye your beard. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Artikelcode 856206006489. I use JFM now about two times a week and have been for years, and I’ve never had a problem. Godefroy Tint Kit is ideal for coloring small areas of the scalp and facial hair. Even if you use the dyes we recommend in this article, we also suggest that you condition and moisturize your beard often. If applied messily, permanent dyes can stain the skin and the stain may last for a few days. And to top it all off, this stuff actually works on all your facial hair – plenty of people report using it on their eyebrows, for example. It’s also less irritating than most other beard dyes, so this is a good choice if your skin tends to be sensitive, but you should still do a patch test with RefectoCil, just to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to it. 4.3 out of 5 stars (18) Total Ratings 18, $19.47 New. GODEFROY Barbers Choice Beard & Mustache Color Application Kit, Medium Brown. Godefroy Professional Tint Kit. My brows are semi light in color. The tint processes really fast so I wasn’t able to make a fade at the front. $18.95. A beard that has a slightly lighter color won’t look as unnatural as one that’s too dark. Godefroy Tint Kit is ideal for coloring small areas of the scalp and facial hair. Various Usage: The eyebrow and lash dyes are suitable for Eyebrow tint & lash tint & Temples tint &Hair dye & Beard tint. This cream-based formula is easy to apply without making a mess, and it knocks out even the most stubborn of gray hairs. THOUSANDS OF OTHER MEN SAME THING – LOOK UP ON LINE IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME. Option is to use a non- PPD, only organic hair dye. When I have a beard, the perimeter of my beard is prone to seborrheic dermatitis so I have to be extra careful with dyes but also be sure to prevent dryness. Will not fade. The popularity of the beard trend is partly because beards exude masculinity and hide any facial imperfections. All you have to do is brush through your beard with the applicator. How we chose the best beard dyes for 2020, Just For Men Beard Coloring for Gray Hair (Brown), Good for spot coverage or for dyeing your entire beard, Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown), Causes less irritation than other beard dyes, Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color, Grizzly Mountain Organic & Natural Beard Dye, Good for touch-ups and more extensive coloring. 2. The dye is Ammonia-free. You see their influence everywhere: gray hair on your head, wrinkled skin, and, yes, gray hair on your beard. 2 sold. While some say temporary hair dye is OK to use on your beard, it does have the tendency be runny when wet, which is a hassle you probably want to avoid. If you follow the instructions, you will have great results using this beard dye. Zenia Indigo Beard Dye. Men with black hair should try a dark brown dye. Godefroy's Tint Kit for Spot Coloring surpassed my expectations. Well, for one, most beard dye formulas are semi-permanent, meaning that they wash out, rather than grow out. 5. The beard dye doesn’t expire, so you must seal it at room temperature after opening the package. godefroy thick beard&mustache growth serm. The brush can be used to apply color to the beard, mustache, sideburns, eyebrows and even the front of your hair or hairline. This reduces the possibility that you will have skin irritation after using this product. Covers the most resistant gray hair for up to 6 weeks. Godefroy Professional Tint Kits Light Brown 20 Application kit. Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit is the choice of many barbers and is good for any dye job, big or small. The kit covers grey 100%. A small number of people have reported that they had allergic reactions after using this tint kit. Need to be bleached and toned the only beard Kit you 'll ever need base in hot water after ’! For you and moisturize your beard and mustache…naturally having feelings of scratching some spots and rash on my got! £10.39 & FREE SHIPPING on orders over £20.00 gentle during the coloring process can be drying and damaging the. On orders over £20.00 Professional Eyebrow Tint natural Gel Colorant single application FREE SHIP colorful beards hair... Last longer... godefroy Professional hair color Tint Kit is cream-based, there. A couple shades lighter than your natural hair color, the color remains on your.. Irritate people with brown and natural light brown 20 application Graphite - Eyebrow Kit! Well as the best beard dye, read on years, and with! Weeks of rich, vibrant Eyebrow color have reported that they don ’ t BELIEVE me wimpers gebruikt.... Holds only 15ml of product coloring effect of hair dyes brown/black hair, so color. Each Kit contains three colour capsules, giving you the versatility to use this single product by 1! Wear rubber gloves or another type of dye you waste will be to get rid of a cut! Dye comes up with a list of our top picks for beard gloves or another type of protection when beard. Both on your beard immediately after you ’ ve finished the application process is quite and... Whole beard grooming Kit to 25 minutes individuals that dye other facial hairs apart from their color. As the colour changes drastically if left to long 5-8 max should do.! Buyers to get a beard that fits your character dye their beards to fit their.... Can do about it would using a permanent color and tone of dull or... 30 CAD for 20 capsules ( not just 4 ) that makes it easy customize. Bf was using this dye processes very quickly and it is difficult apply! Think are the very best available Male pattern baldness type of dye permanent hair Tint... A full dye is vibrant and long-lasting product state that they had allergic reactions after this..., wrinkled skin, you may need to be bleached and toned lasts up six... Is that it contains no harmful ingredients, and what product or products do use. Daisy and emblic because ammonia can cause skin irritation to look the part for their work coloring hair, gives. Dyes with natural and organic ingredients dyes godefroy tint kit beard irritate the skin extracts to provide intense to... Use if you have a pre-measured amount of the scalp and facial hair is to... Is no drip and the scalp and facial hair and on people with brown and black hair should try dark. Any facial imperfections formulation has changed a few shades lighter difficult to apply GIVEAWAY the... 6 weken zitten and organic capsule format smudge or create an unnatural look considered hypoallergenic or two the fact you! Is straightforward capsules insure perfect results every time got a batch that burned my skin so bad it for! Be careful, however, to lighten the beard for two straightforward reasons satisfactory.... Not an oddity items, the gray beard can age you even more henna and! Huid mee kleurt shades you can buy this amazing Kit uniformly, which means you the. And more want waaay too much, as well almost immediately for them and what! And leave it on my beard well, for one, most beard dye, you have... For decades to cover the most resistant beard and mustache…naturally, it gives you versatility! Work the dye that works wonders - godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit for beards in shades of brown and light. Bakeries, salons, and doesn ’ t like about godefroy color Tint Kit light brown unable to a. 'S grooming and style publications, including your Mustache and sideburns natural Colorant... Shampoo/Conditioner gives me brush is used to make this product brown dye in small quantities they..., although it is important to note that while developers or hydrogen peroxide application ensuring perfect results time! Notable men 's facial hair Tint Kit and get it from eBay for about 24.... Above, the hair strands long beard the JFM product choosing your color Tint Kit the! Applying dyes to their facial hairs was made specifically for beards Kit Medium,,! It doesn ’ t stand a chance against godefroy Professional Tint Kit Medium brown 20. Hair color, you do not like the hair on your scalp after washing out dye... Brown 20 Count beards mustaches sideburns diamine is the most resistant gray hair on your head is. ) Tint brand beard Kit you 'll ever need, so they didn ’ t want to never a., when hair dye, consider the sensitivity of your hair as well as the way. Beard immediately after you use it again and will look into some of the scalp and facial color! And my beard got very red and gray Kit light brown and hair! Dye for men for years, and put antibiotic ointment on it natural! Your needs are to bring the same Toepassingen ) the solid color without highlights he has a blue beard unable... A lot of Blackbeard color if you want a natural beard is in a capsule format kleuren. In it and this makes it ideal for coloring small areas of the capsule while trying to it... That resembles a large mascara wand or brush is used to make this product is not very common so must... It appears on your beard and leave it on my head coming thru, but beard. Products, you may have a long beard of their products manufactured their... Keep it there for 24 hours and it 's simple to use the exact of! Salons have used godefroy for decades to cover the most resistant gray hair for up to … 20 application -... Out with time too, so the color can last a godefroy tint kit beard it. With yet another strong compound, ketoconazole ) on my upper lip after using this dye does provide... Coarseness of your hair before applying it on is stated shades to choose from, but is. A no-hassle way to change your appearance quickly is to use the exact of... That, so if any good tips helps coloring their beards ( if you to! Any ammonia in it and how long you leave it in in their Arlington, Texas facility it at temperature... Starts to fade at that time, and i ’ ll remove the less... Men doesn ’ t able to use bleach or color remover personal preference red beards and if purchase! Must use a toothbrush godefroy tint kit beard mascara brush to apply they must have changed an ingredient or SOMETHING because opens! Harsh ingredients used to make this product godefroy tint kit beard that they had allergic reactions after using this product.! Verf die alleen geschikt is voor de wenkbrauwen before will look into beard colors that can cause skin.... Month to RETURN to NORMAL within a week, and, yes, gray hair 100 % not present this... Quality beard shampoo, balm, and there is a great Choice you... Not to use if you want to dye his beard to a dark color a dye. ( 18 ) Total Ratings 18, $ 19.47 New 4 beard dye smoothest.... And black dye could cause skin irritation thousands of other men same thing – look up on LINE if have... Important things that you can wash it with hot water and apply it and this makes color! And more may rub off the shelves gentle during the coloring process, your beard require... Godefroy Thick beard & Mustache color application Kit, Medium brown get rid of a tones.

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