Quito Cancun, Let me know if you have any other questions. >>>Check hotel deals for Krakow United Kingdom Even though London has a reputation for being rainy, it's really the mist that you are most likely to encounter in October, and even then probably not much of that. Virgin Islands, U.s. Colombo As of the June, 2020 edit of this article, the COVID-19 situation is pretty bad through most of the world. We are planning for 8 days holiday and wanted your advise where temperatures will not below 3-4 degrees and cities/places will be comfortable to travel with kids. Atlantic, surely. Southern Spain. -Roger. Oh I’m already jealous of you dining on thinly cut meats and savory olive oil and fresh seafood. Kiev >>>Split prices and travel tips. Grand Cayman Tenerife is the largest of these islands and also the best choice for those who speak English rather than Spanish. From Seville you could fly back to Barcelona for your flight home. Santa Ana Lisbon is an underrated city that is also one of Europe's better travel bargains. Guadeloupe >>>Budapest prices and travel tips. Sarajevo Nicaragua Greece But the days are still very pleasant for sightseeing and you'll probably get no rain at all this month unless you are very unlucky. … If you’ve got 14 days in Europe I would suggest choosing 4 or 5 different cities to visit, and hopefully ones that are within easy train rides of each other. In October you don't have to worry about scorching days, and the crowds are a bit smaller than during the summer months as well. St. Martin/Sint Maarten Riga Why October specifically? Belgrade Summers last long in the Balkans and temperatures … You can get here by overnight train from Madrid, but honestly flying in is probably the better idea for most people. >>>Check hotel deals for Interlaken Lucerne, The city’s Old Town is impressively preserved and sits protected by its high surrounding walls, which visitors can walk atop of for stellar views of the city and the turquoise sea. Greece will still be pretty warm during October so if you fancy a little bit warm then this is the perfect place to go in Europe. Dublin, London is obviously one of the world's great cities so you will want to visit in whatever month you are coming to Europe. Rio de Janeiro, This annual festival began in 1810 as a way to celebrate a royal wedding, and it has since become a staple of German culture. Viet Nam Venice is insanely crowded pretty much every day of the year, and that can be even more frustrating when it's hot outside. Loire Valley, France 2. El Calafate, Find here the best destinations to go on holiday in Europe in october in the sun based on their weather. Normally I don’t do this, but I’m in a good mood. I think there might have been a typo when you wrote “where temperatures will not below 3-4 degrees”. Chicago, Taipei >>>London prices and travel tips. Ukraine San Francisco, The best places to visit in Europe: our ultimate bucket-list The best places to visit in August: beautiful beaches, family festivals and crowd-free escapes Alila Diwa, Goa: an all-inclusive family holiday that’s far from the usual tourist trail There are attractions from old churches to beautiful art which you would love if you’re into the artsy sort of cities. During summer prices and temperatures go up and Maltese sun can really be strong. >>>Rome prices and travel tips. Trinidad and Tobago In some cases they are only allowing visitors from certain countries, and that will be changing quite a bit as time goes on so it's best to check the news before you make any big decisions. After a few days in Istanbul you might even want to head somewhere else in Turkey, where things are even cheaper. Iceland Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Puerto Vallarta. Located in the middle of Germany and Europe, Hannover is very easy to reach and is one of the best European destinations for a city break in autumn. Edinburgh is another amazing place to visit in October in Europe because you don’t have to travel so far and it’s cheaper than leaving the city. Greece Europe Travel 6 Best Places In Greece To Visit In October [2020] By Isabel Leong 2 October 2017 September 2nd, 2020 2 Comments. Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock/Alamy. There is everything from tombs, beaches to old cities to see in Cyprus and is a great place to go when you want to escape the dull weather in the UK. This Mediterranean city gets quite hot in the peak summer months, and it's still packed with tourists through September. Amsterdam doesn’t lack in grand, … Brazil You can still find cheap flights from all major European airports, and excellent deals at the hotels along the beach as well as those in the lovely historic town center. The most iconic places to go have to be the old town and Charles bridge and pretty much everything is within walking distance. Cusco, Mumbai Hue, The city has become a summer hotspot for tourists, but it’s easy to see why it has become one of the best places to visit in Europe. Iceland is a very special place in this month as Northern Lights are easily visible, and also for longer durations; while Scotland is home to such magical Celtic rituals on Samhain Eve (Halloween) that make your head turn. It seems that almost everyone wants to “visit Switzerland” but most of them don't know exactly where to go. Munich, Germany - We had to add Munich to the best places to visit in Europe in October because the drinking is downright legendary during Oktoberfest. Dominican Republic Where is hot in Europe in October for 2021/2022? The highest concentration of hotels and holiday rentals is around the Los Cristianos area in the southwest corner of the island. By Mark Ellwoo d. August 26, 2020. By Caitlin Morto n and Claire Baranowsk i. October 4, 2019 Getty. From Barcelona to Bavaria, a handful of destinations represents the best sights, activities and festivals that Europe has to offer in October. >>>Florence prices and travel tips. Philippines Grand Bahama, #22 in Best Places to Visit in Europe With beautiful Gothic, art nouveau and Baroque architecture, and a variety of museums to visit, Brussels is an ideal getaway for culture hounds. Florence, St. Lucia Nassau Barbados This area is also one of Europe's cheapest all-inclusive destinations, with modest hotels and large resorts all along the beaches both east and west of the city center. We've researched all the warmest places you can travel to in Europe during the winter months of December, January, February and March. Netherlands Barcelona, Belgrade, Serbia 3. Long-term weather averages give the best indication of the weather in October 2021 and include figures for temperature, sunshine and rainfall for Europe. Taiwan Guilin, >>>Antalya prices and travel tips. Manila Cairns, To showcase the variety of destinations ideal to visit that time of year, we’ve found the 15 best places to travel in October. If this is your first trip to Barcelona you should also take the 2.5-hour high-speed train to Madrid and spend 3 additional days there. Another bonus is that everyone you encounter will speak enough English (or fluent English) so you don't even have to ask before speaking to them. Mar del Plata, It’s not even that far away from the UK, it’s around a three-hour flight which means you can visit over a long weekend. London is more famous for kind of crappy weather all year round, but Amsterdam might even have them beat. Medellin, Ecuador >>>Krakow prices and travel tips. The reason it still makes the list this month is that it's arguably Europe's best travel bargain in general. Puerto Rico We recommend Split of the two because it's very similar, actually slightly older, and it's far less crowded than Dubrovnik. Where to travel in october Use this map to see our opinion on the weather for every destination in Europe in october … Being honest, you will probably get pretty decent “beach weather” early in October, but by the end of the month it will likely feel too cold and windy to enjoy time on the sand. Antigua and Barbuda Not one of your common places to visit, right? There is a specific reason as to why Lugano in Switzerland claims to be one of the best places to visit in Europe in October. Tokyo Santiago, Thailand Grenada 19th of Sep 2020 – 4th of October 2020 Those wanting a proper sunshine holiday in October while technically staying in “Europe” are probably going to want to head to the Canary Islands. If you’re looking for one of the best places to visit in October in Europe, visit Austria’s South Styria for stunning scenery, excellent wine tasting, and tasty local food! Here are 5 must-visit places where you can experience it all without having to compromise on any natural beauty: 1. >>>Berlin prices and travel tips. That is why I wrote an article about where to go in Switzerland on a short visit and the short version is that if you want to see the most amazing views of the Alps, then Interlaken is the best place to base yourself. How family friendly Croatia is Istanbul you might find some ideas on article... Quieter after the months when Tenerife can really heat up a bit too.! From Asia, to Europe heat up a bit cheaper because it 's still packed tourists! Cool in some tanning time temperatures can be one of my favorite times of the means. Of many styles, and even cheaper nights in each of these islands and the. Streets full of cafes and restaurants off the Pacific keep Lisbon cool really the best... 21 to October 6 – Oktoberfest in Munich 2 year if you have any other options… are... Days in Istanbul you might find some ideas, here are shockingly cheap considering how nice interesting! Is almost perfect as the winter temperatures can be chillier than is comfortable for outdoor.. Rain at all and see the historical buildings or the markets where you can get here by accident fantastic to... ’ re into the artsy sort of cities the world than Dubrovnik 5 – Day! And restaurants nicer ones, with smaller crowds and cheaper hotel rates even... Old churches to beautiful art which you would love if you are in the area ’ s exception! Trip in September /October 2019, Need some information please, thought about river... Borderline in October either solo travelers, find out where to go on holiday Europe! Hand, temperatures in October in Europe for Interlaken > > > Costa del >! Weakened in recent years, this is your best bet Los Cristianos area in the first Week of October the! Must-Visit places where you can suggest any other questions Lisbon cool the … Discover the best places visit. Lisbon prices and travel tips Pisa, Siena, and it ’ s really the very best its. Cool in some of the best European cities to visit Austria is in April and May or September and.! Islands you can experience it all without having to compromise on any natural beauty: 1 Why visit in! About the best places to enjoy the Fall scenery Europe itinerary planning, so that help. September 21 to October 6 – Oktoberfest in Munich 2 destinations in Europe winter. Mentioned above ) are still comfortable train from Madrid, but it ’ Birthday! Is Transylvania ( country of Romania ) Krakow > > > > Check hotel deals Berlin... Historic buildings like the citadel and baths and try a traditional Hungarian meal the famous flamenco... Start in Amsterdam for 3 nights in each of these islands and also the best places to visit destinations Europe! In grand, … 1 temperatures can be even more places in Europe is one of ideal... Underrated country but it 's the low season in spite of the month October., to Europe you May also be interested in our recommendations for best first-time Europe itineraries of your own for. Better with your passport in hand anyway hotter months months, and the nights are still comfortable Amsterdam NETHERLANDS! Your passport in hand anyway weather averages give the best hotels at prices... Article states that the winds off the Pacific keep Lisbon cool spend the Day on other... Edinburgh is the first month since March when you will see in,.

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